Nov 17, 2010

Nut Milk - Dairy Alternative

I don't have milk much, so when I came across this almond milk recipe I thought, "why not?" It's not bad. I only use it for an ocassional bowl of milk or as a milk alternative in my cooking if I've already made a batch. It only lasts about 4 days, and you'll want to figure out how to use the leftover ground almonds so you don't waste them (I threw them in some sweet bread/muffins or as a cumble topping, or oven for a pie crust.

1/3 C. Raw Organic Nuts (almonds or cashews)
2 C. Water (and 2 c more for soaking)

A pot
A blender (I use my stick blender)
A mesh strainer (clean nylons might work, maybe?)

1. Soak nuts hours in 2 c. water with 1 1/2 t salt. drain, rinse. (soak for a few hours or overnight)
2. Blend soaked nuts with 2 c. water.
3. Strain nut remnants out (might need to twice).
4. Add sweetener to taste (I normally add a swirl of agave)
5. Shake well and use (or put in fridge)

This generally lasts 4 days, and I found that I could add a little extra water while blending to make it last longer. Or, you can even run the nut pieces you strained through with another 2 cups of water and make another batch if you're lucky (it worked for me).

You can try the egg nog recipe using regular milk or nut milk!

Or try doing it with rice or oats for a 24 hour soak! Oat Milk is actually very nourishing and great to drink during winter!

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