Nov 16, 2010

List of Herbs - with which foods

Basil: pasta, tomato dishes, pesto, eggs, cheese, salads, italian dishes, Thai dishes
Caraway seeds: stir-fries
Cardamom: rice, rice cakes, cookies (typical in curries)
Cinnamon: cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, toasts, rice pudding. Can also be infused into tea, soups, stews and sauces.
Coriander seeds: poultry, fish (common in Indian foods and curries)
Chili: spicy dishes (good with cumin in mexican dishes)
Chives: potatoes, sauces, salads, eggs, savory pancakes
Cilantro: Asian soups, salads, pesto, chicken, dips and sauces (also typical in Mexican food)
Cloves: baked hams, fruit salads, Oriental chicken dish, mulled drinks
Dried herbs: meat, poultry, fish
Dill: fish especially salmon and shrimp, mayonnaise or thick dressing, potatoes, tartar sauce
Garlic: sauces, most vegetable dishes, meat and poultry, spreads
Ginger: ice cream, Chinese dishes, tea, cookies
Lemon Grass: tea and Thai foods (like curry)
Mint: eggs, lamb, fruit salad, iced tea , chocolate sauces and garnish on deserts such as: cakes, ice cream
Mustard Seeds: meat and poultry
Oregano: fish, tomato sauce, pizzas (and Italian dishes)
Paprika: chicken, rice
Parsley: cucumber salad, green salad, potato, rice, pasta, egg, garnish on fish dishes, broiled meats and vegetables, seafood, soup, stew, gratins
Rosemary: roast chicken, lamb, pork, potato, beans, polenta, quesadillas
Salt and Pepper: most savory dishes.
Saffron: rice, stews and soups
Sage: bread, cheese, stuffing, sausage, turkey
Tarragon: lamb, chicken, fish, mayonnaise
Thyme: poultry, soups, and stuffing
Tumeric: Rice

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