Nov 3, 2010

Vitamin A

This vitamin's most important function is the role it plays in helping our body's largest organ...the skin! Without enough of this important vitamin, even healthy skin becomes dry, rough and flaky. In extreme cases, the scalp becomes inflamed and leads to dandruff. All our senses (taste, hearing, sight) use this vital nutrient in order to keep them running right. Vitamin A is proven to fight against pollutants all around us as well. Over 60% of all cancers have one thing in common: they involve epithelial tissue, the protective layer of cells that lines all the body's tissues inside and out (the skin, for instance, is epithelial tissue, as is the lining of the digestive tract). Vitamin A strengthens epithelial tissue, and experts believe that if we ate a diet rich in the nutrient, all these cancers might be prevented!

Best Sources of Vitamin A
Beef Liver
Sweet Potato
Carrots, sliced, cooked
Spinich, cooked
Kale, cooked
Broccoli, cooked
Squash, winter
Mustard greens, cooked
Apricots, fresh
Endive, raw
Leaf lettuce
Asparagus, cooked
Peas, fresh, cooked
Green beans, cooked
Yellow corn
Parsley, diced
Egg, hard-boiled

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