Nov 3, 2010

When to throw which foods away?

Here are some rough expiration dates for some unopened pantry items:
not to be confused with bulk food storage type items that are packaged properly to last longer
Beans (dried): 1 year
Cake mixes: 15 months
Canned goods: 2+ years
Chocolate: 1 to 2 years
Condiments (most of them): 1+ year(s)
Confectioner's sugar: 18 months
Cornmeal: 1 year
Evaporated milk: 1 year
Flour: 1 year
Pasta: 2 years
Rice: 1 to 2 years
Soup mix: 2 years
Spices (ground): 1 year
Spices (whole): 2 to 4 years
Sugar (brown and white): Indefinitely
Vanilla: 5 years

Here's Ziploc's list of foods and dates... (mostly perishables)
To view this list larger, click on the picture. IT will take you to a full page of it, but then hold ctrl and type + (do the same to shrink, but - instead of +)

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