Oct 6, 2010

A Basic Granola

12 c. oats
1 c. sweetener (dry or liquid, but mix with like textures. I love honey. Agave, maple and organic whole cane sugar work...but can add a little extra sweetener if it is not liquid)
1 c. chopped nuts
1 c. oil or butter (I do a stick butter and a few Tablespoons coconut oil...only 3/4 c total)
1 c. water
1 t. vanilla

*see more options down below

1. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl.
2. Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl (if using coconut oil, you'll need to melt it first; if using honey, only use 1 cup and it's best if melted first).
3. Combine both wet and dry ingredients together and mix thoroughly with hands, allowing some small clumps when squeezing ingredients.
4. Spread on 2 baking sheets and cook at 250 for 45-50 minutes; stir, then bake 45-50 more minutes.
5. Let it cool down once removed, before storing (the moisture makes it lose crunch if you store it too early). Stores well for a few months.

*I've also baked this at 350 for 30 mins, stirring 15 mins. into it. And I've also let it sit overnight before baking and then put it in the oven on the lowest setting until it smelled done (tossing it every 30 mins or so).

Additional Options
*Halloween: some cranberries and the green pumpkin seeds with pumpkin pie spice
*try using cashews, almonds and/or shredded coconut
*add chocolate chips or yogurt covered raisins at the end  (so they don't melt)
*Parfait: good with yogurt and some berries or sliced peaches
*keep some in a little baggie to snack on (add papaya or pineapple chunks)
*use as a topping for apple crisp or sweet potato casserole
*add in 1/4 cup popped amaranth for a toasty flavor
*boost the omega-3 content by adding 1/2 c. ground flax seed and/or hemp hearts

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