Dec 23, 2016

Honey nut brittle

We love this simple recipe that only uses honey and butter… And nuts of course.  For variety try different types of nuts where at in various other things like cocoa powder or different extract/flavorings, extracts, or coconut, etc.

* 1 cup honey
* 4 T butter
* 1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
* 1 1/2 c chopped nuts (dry roasted peanuts are great)

1. If nuts aren't roasted, throw them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 350° for about 10 minutes.
2. Put honey in a heavy bottomed saucepan and bring to boil. Keep boiling on medium low heat until the temperature is 285--soft crack stage, almost to hard crack stage.
3. Stir in butter and vanilla and cook one more minute.
4. Then add nuts, and pour contents from saucepan on to a parchment lined cookie sheet.
5. Place cookie sheet and freezer to harden. Break up and store wrapped in parchment paper so the pieces don't stick together too much.

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