Dec 15, 2016

Elderberry Syrup

 It's that time of year…" when the world falls in love."
 Oh wait, I'm not talking about that Christmas song. I'm talking about the cold season. We made this last year and just took a teaspoon for kids daily and a tablespoon for adults. But I've heard it's best to take five of the seven days to give your body a little bit of a break. It is a simple recipe if you have dried elderberries on hand. And if not, your local health store might have some or you can just get a cupful.

* ⅔ c dried elderberries
* 3½ c of water
* 2 ginger root
* 1  cinnamon stick (1T powder)
* ½ tsp cloves
* 1 c raw honey

1. Boil all ingredients, except the honey; until reduced by half (about 45minutes)
2. Remove from heat and stir in honey
3. Let cool and place in closed glass jar. Store in fridge.
4. Take 5 days/week during cold season (1 tsp/kids, 1 T/adults). 3-5 times/day if have a cold.

* Original recipe from www.wellness

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