Nov 24, 2016

Hotdogs: uncured versus cured

 I was looking for some hotdogs the other day to satisfy my kids lunch appetite. And came across uncured hotdogs. I wasn't sure what that is, so I looked it up…

"Uncured hot dogs do not contain artificial nitrates or nitrites. The meat in an uncured hot dog is preserved with celery juice or celery powder, which happen to be a naturally occurring source of nitrates. Uncured hot dogs, like cured hot dogs, are fully cooked and should be prepared the same way."

 So uncured hotdogs aren't much different than the other types of hotdogs except that they're slightly healthier, because they use a naturally occurring nitrate instead of an artificial one to preserve the hotdogs and prevent the growth. 

 Good job celery for being helpful for preserving hotdogs…  who'd of thought? 

 So next time you're getting hotdogs… Keep your eye out in case there are uncured ones which are slightly healthier. Of course it still is a hotdog. 

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