Apr 26, 2014

New Food Adventures: Lemon

I never bought fresh lemons. In fact, I never liked them growing up!
I lived off lemon juice from concentrate, if I ever needed it. But once I learned how awesome lemons are as digestive aids and liver cleansers, not to mention they have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, I buy a bag every month!

So what do I do with all those lemons?
  • Drink lemon water daily to kick start digestive health and boost immune system
  • Zest and dry to save for toppings or lemon flavoring
  • Slice and freeze for ready to go water flavor enhances (or keep in water all day/change daily)
  • Make your own lemon infused cleaner
  • Get out stains/natural bleach alternative
  • Disinfect cutting board
  • Homemade salad dressings, use lemon in place of part or all vinegar
  • Squeeze a little lemon on sauteed greens (or broccoli) to cut through bitter flavor
  • Put slices of lemon in pan under fish to help cut the fishy taste during cooking (or squeeze over after)
  • homemade lemonade (just add some sweetener and water)

*Feel free to comment on other things you've used lemons for.

You can also do many of these with lime. Cooking rice in lime juice and adding cilantro is yummy.

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