May 10, 2014

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Endless variations abound for lettuce wraps, but this is the most recent version I have been enjoying.

Lettuce leaves
Mandarin slices
Water chestnuts
Green onions
Almonds, sliced
Cilantro (optional)
Brown rices noodles (optional)

Peanut butter
Rice vinegar
Soy sauce alt.
Sweet chili sauce

1. Make noodles ahead of time if desired and have with sauce, topped with peanuts, chicken and  green onions. Or use in wraps.
2. To make the sauce, add 1/4c peanut butter into a small bowl.  use a dash of each...rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce and then water to start thinning. Adjust to taste.
3. Place lettuce leaves on plate and top with wrap ingredients. Then drizzle sauce over top as a light dressing.

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