Jan 16, 2014

Kid's Lunch Ideas

Back to School mode...need some healthy lunch ideas? Charise and I got some inspiration from a few classes we went to last month on healthy lunch and snack ideas...

Sandwiches (try open-faced, toasted, tortillas, bagels/buns, english muffins, etc. for variety)
PB&J or PB&H (honey
Tuna (with pickles?) or chicken Salad (with curry powder and grapes?)
Egg Salad
Grilled Cheese (ham/pesto/swiss, Cheese melt with cucumbers; pizza-style )
Typical Meat and Cheese (lettuce or not)
Quesadilla (cheese and cucumber; chicken, bean, zucchini, corn; )

Stackers (cut up everything into little circles/squares and have a dip/sauce--toothpicks for some)
Veggies: red pepper, cucumber, olives, peas (frozen will thaw fast), edamame, cherry tomato, pickle
Fruits: grapes, apples, raisins/craisins, dried fruit pieces
Meat: sandwich meat, ham, hotdogs, maple chicken sausages
Cheese: cheddar, mozerella, mini babybell wedges (cheese sticks work great)
Grain: bread, crackers, french toast, pancakes
Dips/Sauces: ranch, hummus, peanut butter (whipped with water so it's not hard), ketchup, yogurt, honey

1. Apple Cheddar Bites (bread or crackers)
2. Pepper Ranch Dogs (red pepper, babybel cheese, maple Chicken sausage links, ranch)
3. Cucumber Castles (cucumber, cheese, bread, meat-optional)
4. Pickle Rolls (pickles, meat/ham, cheese--we slice these long and roll in sandwich meat)
5. Breakfast Bites: french toast or pancakes, maple chicken sausage links, strawberries
6. Italian Stacks: olives, meat, cheese

Fruit & Nuts
Granola Bars (basic chewy choc. chip)
Power Bars/Lara Bars
Trail-Mix Bars
Fruit Leather (just puree fruit and dehydrate very thin...add sweetener as desired, or lemon juice to retain color. Bake on lowest setting on parchment paper/silpat for a few hours if no dehydrator)
Fruit Snacks
Honeyed Almonds

Other Ideas
Homemade Beef Jerky

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