Dec 13, 2012

Soy Sauce Alternative: Liquid Aminos

So I've heard of Liquid Aminos for awhile now, but never knew what it was, nor looked into it. Until my mom showed it to me. And funny thing is that I just started my detox diet (sort of): dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free. Basically no processed foods! Crazy, but so far I haven't gotten sick yet and all the other members in my family have....

Anyway, so I bought some liquid aminos at the health food store (or aisle in grocery stoee...they're both places). I like having the small spray bottle and then buying a big bottle to refill the small one (they have gallon size). And it seriously tastes just like soy sauce, but it's healthy and has both essential and non-essential aminos in it (derived from soy, but is non-gmo--genetically modified--unlike 80% of soy products). It's all natural and a great alternative. I just try put it on things at the end, instead of beginning of cooking, so it doesn't damage the aminos. Braggs is a great brand. I get their organic Apple Cider vinegar too.

Get some and try it!
It's great to flavor meat with along with sweet chili sauce--try yummy lettuce wraps.
Or to flavor rice or broccoli and beef.
Or even in salad dressing...whatever you typically use soy sauce for.
Mom sprays it on her apple slices and that tastes great too!

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