Dec 13, 2012

Asian Lettuce Wraps

I adore lettuce wraps when done well and have been eating these frequently! I buy the cute little Artisan lettuce (5-pack) at Costco and it makes the lettuce boats a breeze.

Meat (I use steak cut up very small)
Soy sauce (I use liquid aminos)
sweet chili sauce
optional: ginger, garlic and onion finely minced and sauteed in with the meat

Veggies (cut up super tiny)
colored peppers

I just cook the meat with the sauces and then put them in the boat with cut veggies on top (optional is to put a little brown rice in the boat first and then the meat and veggies for a nice Asian pile-up). That's it. Simple and yummy. You can also cook some brown rice or quinoa (I like mine cooked in beef broth--maybe coconut milk?--to flavor it interestingly if you want to change things up).

no source to credit for this one. This one is mine.

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