Jul 17, 2012

Notes: Healthy Eating 101

What do various good diets have in common?
If you look at a lot of diets, they vary a lot. Some mainstream real food diets include GAPS, Paleo and the Nourishing Traditions stuff--Weston Price. But what do many of these best "diets" have in common? (I'm talking about ways of eating, not  "losing weight/fad" diets) Here are four commonalities through various diets about what it means to eat well.

1. Whole Foods diet
- unprocessed foods
- whole grains
- non refined sweetener

2. Plant Based diet
- majority of food is plant-based (maybe 75%)

3. High raw diet (not completely though!...maybe 50-75%)
- fresh, uncooked
- minimal cooking: low tempuratures

4. Probiotics

How to build healthy cells--to combat diseases/sicknesses?
The best, long-term way to build cells is through food in it's most natural state. Since food nourishes your cells, it heals your cells. Your cells need to be repaired and boosted to combat any ailments or sicknesses your body is going through. You wouldn't build a house out of cardboard and scraps, and it's the same with how you treat your body.

A) Use good quality foods
- local
- organic
- whole grain
- nuts and seeds
- legumes
- minimal animal fats/meats

B) Minimally Prepare Food
- Make sure food is full of Enzymes (which help with digestion)
- low temperatures

C) Maximize Digestive Process (if having digestive difficulties, you need daily probiotics!)
- enzymes breaks down cells so nutrients are easier to digest
- best to drink before or after meals, not during, because it slows down digestive process
  1. Mouth: saliva enzymes start the digestion process, so chew well
  2. Stomach:
  3. Small intestines: nutrients get to your blood and cells through vili
  4. Large Intestines: water absorbed back into body and waste moves out (bacteria and undigestible fiber, etc.)
D) Eliminate Toxic Overload
  1. Stop putting toxins in body: body, skin, mouth, air, etc. (food, body products, cleaners, etc.)
  2. Drink Water: water cleanses cells flushes out bad stuff, as well as keeps you hydrated (soda dehydrates; it takes 32 times the amount of water to neutralize the toxic overload of one soda)
    • drink 2-4 cups room temperature water per morning, peeferably 1 hour before eating
    • add citus, like organic lemon: cleanses liver, alkalizes body and gives minerals, starts digestive process in stomach
    • how much a day? Divide weight in half and drink that many ounces per day
  3. Put minerals into body:
    • if we don't get enough minerals our body pulls it from our bones (osteoporosis).
    • Processed foods, stress, soda, lack of exercise, certain medications, etc. take away the minerals in our bodies.
  4. Make sure our enzymes are adequate--from both sources
    • from food: fresh produce, raw nuts and seeds, probiotic foods
    • in body
  5. Create Healthy Flora in Body--probiotics
    • need it every day, long-term; probiotics go in and out and don't stay in body
    • processed dairy/yogurt isn't ideal because it's not local, organic, minimally processed, etc.
    • cultured foods: homemade sauerkraut (not store-bought), kefir, etc.

*these are my notes from a Cellular cleansing class from cafe Janae.com

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