Jul 26, 2012

Homemade Crackers (using Artisan Bread Dough)

Want to make your own crackers? I have another recipe I typically make, but I think I'll switch over to this one for good because it uses dough we already make regularly for so many things. I also make sticky rolls, english muffins and crescent rolls with the same basic dough. It's amazing!

We make a batch of Artisan Bread dough every other week or so it seems. It's so easy and we do half white/half wheat so it's not totally nutritionless or hard on the digestive system--one or the other.

So we just pull off an orange size lump of dough and roll it as thin as possible (use flour underneath so you don't go crazy...even if you have a silpat there too). Then throw it straight into the 375 degree preheated oven on the baking stone and make sure to prick with fork and draw hatch marks with back of knife (to indicate cracker pieces, then sprinkle with salt and possibly other seasonings if desired) and put a pan of water undearneath the stone. The crackers cook super fast and should be done in 5 minutes. Watch so they don't burn. Here is the summary chart from the Artisan Bread post-- a cheat sheet I made after reading the book so I know how to do all sorts of other recipes with the same dough, just by checking my cheat sheet. So if it's confusing....go to original post and work from there.

Orange size, paper thin
375 degrees
2-5 minutes
Yes use water
Prick with fork and salt before cooking; Pop bubbles during cooking

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