Feb 22, 2011

Simple Sauteeing

Sauteeing your vegetables is yummy and provides a lot of variations for simple vegetables. I like to use butter or animal fat (chicken or bacon). But frequently I can just use a little water, without the fat (I do for green beans, corn, edamame, peas...just to warm them up without boiling or frying them.)

This is what Shauna does for her family to always enjoy a new veggie....
1. Heat olive oil or butter in skillet (don't be afraid of a little butter, it's actually not horrible for you unless you always eat a ton of it)

2. Add one crushed garlic clove and stir until you can smell it (just a few seconds)

3. Add either cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper flakes

4. Toss in any veggie you like!

*Shauna says "We've tried this w/spinach, green beans, corn, broccoli & white beans."
*Try variations: add season salt or lemon pepper, instead of the cayenne pepper. Or sautee in some onions too.

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