Jul 17, 2013

New Food Adventures: Coconut Oil

If you haven't tried one of the world's healthiest cooking oils--coconut oil--now is the time to try it. We love it and it lasts forever. It is solid at room temperature and lasts forever. We keep three large bottles of it on hand in our food storage. We buy the large Nutiva Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed extra-virgin oil at Costco for $22--that's a steal!

How we use coconut oil:

  • In homemade hygiene products: deodorant, lotion (and sunscreen), toothpaste (or oil pulling)
  • for popcorn (in place of butter)
  • sautee vegetables (greenbeans with almonds are main/favorite option)
  • degreaser (for pans of baked goods or for skillet when cooking eggs)
  • melted and put into brownies in place of other oils
  • use half butter and half coconut oil in homemade granola

Health & Healing Benefits of Coconut Oil

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