Oct 29, 2012

Complete Meal: Naked Salmon Salad

Yes...the title is interesting. Let me tell you why I picked it. Paul and I are doing a two-week gluten-free, processed sugar-free, dairy-free nutrition experiment--kind of like a detox. So we needed to figure out what to eat for lunch on Saturday, since we were running around without much time. We popped salmon patties in the toaster oven and opened a can of kidney beans and grabbed some spinach. And then we had a salmon salad of sorts, but all separate on the plate. And I thought it was simply delicious--as in simple + yummy (nothing amazing in others' eyes, I'm sure...but soo healthy and easy). And since it was like a salad that wasn't put all together I thought of "Undressed Salad." And Paul said that would be a Naked Salad then. And that title stuck. :) We had it Sunday for lunch too, because I thought it so yummy.

1 Salmon patty (from Costco, or just a fillet)
2 handfuls spinach
1 dollop of mustard
1/2 can kidney beans
dash of onion pwder
dash of garlic pwder
salt to taste

1 serving of a grain (quinoa or millet, cooked)
dash of cumin

1. Cook salmon in toaster oven 10 mins at 375.
2. Place fish on a bed of spinach on your plate.
3. Warm can of beans (if desired) and add seasonings. Then place next to spinach/fish (and on top of grain if you chose that addition to the meal).
4. Add the dollop of mustard on the plate somewhere.

We eat a bite of fish with spinach and add a bean or two, then slide the fork into the mustard sometimes. So you're basically eating it all together in a salad, but they're all still separate on your plate. :) With millet and the beans you're getting a complete protein! Paul chose how to season the beans....he's surprisingly amazing when it comes to playing with seasonings--he always smells them and decides. He must have an good nose for smells, because he always picks good spice combos.

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