Mar 21, 2011

Seven Foods We Eat, But Need to Be Aware About

Julie Slagle just sent us a link about Seven foods that aren't good for you.

If you don't want to change your eating habits, then you don't need to read's very informative about the chemicals used on some foods we're all familiar with that aren't organic. But if you're curious and trying to make implemental changes, like a lot of us who use this blog, then feel free to read. It's important to be aware and to make changes over time. Afterall, there are a ton of bad things out there that are widely accepted as being "food" that aren't doing any good for your body, and yet we still survive. Just choose wisely and slowly make healthier substitutions where needed and are practical.

Here's the article...

Just another reason I buy organic apples at Costco. And I will make sure I'm doing organic potatoes too. The tomato one will be more difficult. But, for those who know how to garden and bottle you own, you have a great summer project--should you choose.

Charise has been a good example of ordering the Organic Bountiful Basket. A little higher price to pay, money-wise, but a safer price to pay health-wise.

Feel free to comment on practical ways you are changing what you eat.

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