Jul 17, 2014

Bohemian Medley - Cereal

We love to eat this because it's so light and healthy. It's not a hard fast recipe, but flexible. And It is our cereal replacement.

grated apple
chopped nuts
seeds (optional...we just add a little ground flax or something)
granola (optional: or sweetened, cooked quinoa)
berries (raspberries are my favorite)
applesauce (optional)

My husband likes this without applesauce, but I think it's a little dry without it. But he loves granola.
You don't need granola. I typically don't add it in. The nuts and shredded apple make this.
If I do add cooked quinoa, I put in maple syrup. And I process the chopped nuts one day and keep them in a pourable container in my fridge for that week.

It'a also nice that different family members mix in however much they want of each into their own bowl...like a build you own cereal. I don't know why we call it Bohemian Medley...we just made it up because someone once called our kitchen table style bohemian-ish.

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