May 29, 2013

Apple Wild Rice

This is my favorite rice to eat with salmon!

1 c. wild rice
3 c. water
1/2 c dried apple pieces (I buy bulk from Church cannery for food storage and crumble them some)
1 T soy sauce (or liquid aminos; or neither if you don't have it on hand)
1/2 onion, chopped in pieces
1 T oil/butter
salt to taste

1. sautee the onions in oil or butter until translucent
2. add rice, water and apple pieces and bring to boil; simmer 45 minutes (or until rice is fully cooked)
3. remove from heat and if desired, add soy sauce and salt and mix those in well.

I like to let mine sit for a few minutes with the lid on, but that isn't necessary. And it's great just served with a piece of plain salmon (or soy/teriyaki flavored) and a side vegetable like green beans. Also, I love the large chunks of onion it it...that to me makes this. However, you could probably get away with onion powder if you don't have the real onion (I'd say it was a tragedy if you did that--but hey, I'm not in your kitchen).

*I think I got the original idea from some recipe in the Costco magazine, but I changed a few things and added soy sauce. And of course, I love playing around with flavored rices, so....hopefully I will have more fun variations to share later.

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